A downloadable game for Windows

Attention All: I just realized I accidentally uploaded 'Gun Mode' of a regular 1.1 version...

There are 63 total recipes


(WASD) Movement

(Mouse) Look Around

(Scrollwheel) Zoom with binoculars or sniper

(E) Interact

(Q) Rotate Build

(Left Click) Harvest/Damage/Break/Add to Influence

(Right Click) Build/Remove from Influence

(F) Command selected soldiers to Position

(R) Command selected soldiers to Home

(T) Selected soldiers At Ease

Game Play

Players get on a private room together and split up into clans. Among typical survival game play, they can compete or work together for Bears and Abundance Zones. Beds can be crafted with cotton in order to make Soldiers and attack other clans builds when they're protected by a beacon.


White dots on Map represent abundance zones

Cook new food for variety in your infantry

Scroll to use binoculars

There are 5 Legendary items you cannot craft and must find in chests..

Install instructions

1) Download

2) Right click and Extract the .zip

3) Left click on the EXE file that looks like a Beacon

4) Get some Gentlemen

5) Boogie


The Gentlemen's Cookout 1.1.zip 199 MB

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