A downloadable game

Just a quick upload for an early version of the game that's why there's like no screenshots and whatnot.


You play as a cursed wizard living in the woods. Your character loses health over time but he has to use cinder from burnt things to survive better. Basically you need cinder to survive and you have to kill goblins and loot to get it. However, you also have to use cinder to cast and learn spells. There is a caveat to looting, you're gonna wanna be home before it gets dark because at dusk phantoms will spawn and getchu. You have three strikes with the phantoms (exhaustion points basically) the more you get got by them the slower you go, three of em and you die (also dying rn doesnt do anything you j freeze lmao so yea ALT+F4 after you "die")

You can also fight bosses:

Goblin Archmage spawns after three days at the goblin camp. Basically just shoots a lot at you

The other boss spawns by killing guardians and using their eye to signal it.

WASD to move

Mouse to look

Left click to interact and to grab (usually when the cursor is orange)

Space to cast

Scroll to select spell

Right click to use an item

Put items in the fire to burn them

Install instructions

1) download

2) extract

3) play


0.2.2.zip 29 MB

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