A downloadable game for Windows

Demo 3D platformer for an idea my friend had...

Its a super good idea and the idea is a lot bigger than whats in the demo


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Rotation

Space - Jump

Space + Left Shift + C - Long Jump

Left Shift - Sprint

Left Click - Rope

Blue nodes are default and or too far away from you. Cyan Node are inside of your LOS, and the closest one will be the one you grapple and it will turn red.


In each level there is a gate that display how many keys that are in the level. When you find every key, hidden somewhere in the map, the gate will open and you can jump through to the next level. A cut-scene will play so that you know when you unlock the next level.

There are three main levels and three secret levels with an extra seventh level

1. Farm (CityPlace)

2. HauntedHouse (GrassLand)

3. IslandTowne (WildWestTowne)

4. Sample Scene

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Extract

3. Click on EXE file

4. Fun


2.zip 32 MB

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