A downloadable game for Windows

A genetic algorithm about the lives of the little creatures called Grumbas. Grumbas try to guess the password to be inside and safe every winter. At the beginning of the simulation, choose what password you want them to guess and input some parameters and watch them go to town! Please note that the critters with a "warm-colored" aura are the parents (most fit) of the next generation, and those with a "cooler-colored" aura are the partners (second most fit) of the next generation.


Click and Drag to move

Scroll to zoom

Click on a Grumba to see their genes & fitness

'R' to Reset

F11 to go Full Screen (if not changed in config-menu)

Escape to Exit

Install instructions

Download the file and extract the simulation from the .zip file.


Grumbas.zip 17 MB

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