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Nice Game

Thank You @Badanthony20



Pretty great game! The controls are good and I liked all of the different modes! There's a glitch though... the exit doesn't work in double trouble. THAT MUSIC IS POPPIN THOUGH

I̷ ̵L̵I̵K̶E̸ ̷T̷O̷ ̵O̸O̴T̵ ̵O̵O̴T̶ ̵O̴O̶T̴ ̷O̷O̴T̶ ̸O̵O̶P̴L̷E̸S̸ ̵A̶N̵D̸ ̷B̴A̸N̶O̴O̴N̵O̸O̴S̸

Easily one of the best Baldi's Basics games ever created. Really looking forward to chapter 2! (If there is going to be one)


Hey, thanks for reporting that bug, I'll fix it and reupload. Btw, there will be a second one, I'm working on it now, so be sure to stay updated :).



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Yeah, but there are already some baldi's basics inspired games, for instance :

Deleted 19 days ago

of what? 


Basic Games... This is not a fan game, it is simply just a game that was inspired to add some minor features of another game... Also, only the first game was inspired... The second, third, and of course, the fourth (which is coming soon) are not.