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The Final Battle Begins!!! XDXD Lol

Thanks @BA16


Hey some really funny stuff, liked!

Thank you @RandomPIGGY


Since I first watched FIP play chapter 1, I really liked the series. 

Congrats on giving it this finale and I'm looking forward to other games you might develop. 



Stay tuned for the DLC, Прохладный Гай преподает математику


A fitting final showdown with the coolest man on earth... A pretty easy fight (mainly because dying puts you back to the start) and it took me a while to figure out the falling platforms, but it was still pretty fun!! The ending was hilarious too lol. But that message.. that code... it may take me a while...

But hey, the quadrilogy is complete!! Congratulations!!!


Thanks dude... All I can say is thanks for following cool guy teaches math all this time... 


holy moly